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Trapani, a vibrant and historic city, is beautifully situated at the foot of the peninsula on which the medieval city of Erice stands in northwestern Sicily. Originally used as a port by the Carthaginians during the First Punic War, it was later settled by the Romans. Under Roman rule, Trapani began its rise to prominence, which was further cemented by Saracen and Norman rule.

What to see in Trapani

Trapani, a vibrant and historic city situated at the foot of the peninsula on which the medieval city of Erice stands in northwestern Sicily, boasts a variety of interesting places to visit. One such place is the Sanctuary of the Annunziata, originally built in the early 14th century and later transformed and expanded in the 18th century. The Gothic-Chiaramontan facade of the sanctuary is especially notable, as are the two chapels inside – the Fishermen and the Sailors – built using the characteristic tufa stone of the region. The real gem, however, is located behind the altar: the Chapel of Our Lady of Trapani, to whom Sicilians hold a strong devotion. Another must-see is the Pepoli Museum, featuring coral work and archaeological finds from the province. Visitors should also make time for the Church of Purgatory, home to twenty sacred groups of Mysteries, and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, which houses works by esteemed Sicilian artists such as Vito D’Anna. The Tower of Ligny is also a fascinating spot to explore, built by the Spanish to defend against attacks by barbarians and Turks. The Torre di Ligny Civic Museum showcases artifacts recovered from the seabed along the Trapani coastline.

The salt pans of Trapani

The Trapani Salt Pans Nature Reserve is a stunning location where the ancient activity of salt extraction is still practiced. It is also a habitat for a variety of migratory bird species and is under the management of WWF Italy.

What to do in Trapani

The advice is to visit the city of Trapani during Easter, when the Procession of the Mysteries takes place.
It has been taking place from Good Friday to Holy Saturday for over 400 years and is a festival of Spanish origin: witness the many similarities with Andalusian celebrations.
It consists of 20 sacred groups, which are the artistic representation of the death and passion of Christ.
Trapani is a city worth visiting, and those who are lucky enough to visit cannot help but love every corner of it, even the most hidden ones.
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Excursions to Trapani

Looking for an adventure? Trapani is the perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts! With specially curated tours, there are plenty of exciting locations to explore. Here are some of the best ones to discover.

Excursion to Trapani: Island of Favignana

The largest island in the archipelago is just a few meters off the coast, and the best way to explore it is either by boat or bicycle. Favignana boasts of beautiful coastlines such as Lido Burrone, Cala Azzurra and Cala Monaci. Before embarking on your island adventure, it’s a great idea to make a pit stop at Tonnara Florio to tour the center and savor some delicious Sicilian coffee granita.

Levanzo Island, on the other hand, can be explored in a day due to its small size. The crystal-clear sea and lush vegetation make for a beautiful sight. During a boat tour, visitors can enjoy the Faraglione, a small pebble beach. Additionally, Cala Genovese and the Buco Marine Cave are a must-see, with frescoes dating back to the Paleolithic period in the latter.

Zingaro Nature Reserve

This is a great spot to visit if you’re looking for a place where human impact has been minimal – the Zingaro Reserve fits the bill perfectly. You can enjoy some lovely walks here, and then take a refreshing dip in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. There are also plenty of opportunities to visit interesting small museums, like the Manna and Intreccio museums.

San Vito lo Capo

San Vito lo Capo is an amazing coastal destination that plays host to the Cous Cous Festival every September. While you’re there, don’t miss the chance to check out the Sanctuary-Fortress, which houses the Museum of Sacred Furnishings. Other must-see sights include the Bay of Santa Margherita and the lighthouse, along with the adjacent Torrazzo. If you’re ready to start your Trapani adventure, all you need to do is make a reservation!

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