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Boat excursion to Syracuse and Ortigia Island

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Boat excursion to Syracuse

A boat excursion to Syracuse is the best way to discover a city that overlooks the sea. Syracuse with its historic center on the Island of Ortigia is one of the destinations to visit during a tour of Sicily. And visiting them by boat is the perfect choice to fully experience the colors, smells and beauty of the sea.
In fact, in addition to the artistic and historical beauties that this city offers, this magical place also gives us the opportunity to enjoy unique naturalistic spectacles.

Ortigia Island tour and boat excursion in Syracuse

The island of Ortigia, also known as “The Pearl of Syracuse,” is the oldest part of the city: almost every traveler who lands on its soil, or visits it by sailboat, falls in love with its beauty, its sea, its monuments and Of its spectacular view.

According to a myth, dating back to ancient Greece, Leto, who became pregnant by Zeus and chased by a snake sent by the jealous Hera, first landed in Ortigia, where she gave birth to Artemis, goddess of the moon and hunting. Then with her little daughter she crossed the sea and finally arrived at Delos, where Apollo, god of the sun and the arts, was born, the site of one of the most important oracles of antiquity.

The island, which even in the time of the ancient Greeks was strategically located and was rich in water, has been the subject of numerous invasions over the centuries: Greeks, Romans, Saracens. Suebi and Aragonese indeed came to this locality and, even now, their presence is evidenced by the beautiful monuments.

Syracuse boat trip: around the island of Ortigia

A Syracuse tour not to be missed is certainly the one that includes. the visit to the Island of Ortigia and the boat tour that allows you to explore the historical sights, the unique and beautiful sea caves, and take a bathroom break that includes a Total duration of 1 hour 10.

The landing points for the boats that transport tourists to discover the beauty of Syracuse are in the great port of Ortigia.

The tour includes a tour of the island of Ortigia and passing in front of Maniace Castle, one of the most important monuments of the Swabian period, which was built by King Frederick II and served as a defense for the entire city at the time, and a visit to some of the caves.

A boat trip to Syracuse and Ortigia Island is a unique experience, which can become even more so if you choose to take the tour on the glass-bottom boat, thanks to this solution you can also discover the marine fauna and flora.

The Ortigia boat tour experience in Syracuse gives you the chance to admire the caves and discover the beauty of Sicily’s sea up close!

During your trip to Sicily, among the must-do experiences is definitely a boat tour of Syracuse and the Island of Ortigia! You will be amazed and fall in love with the natural beauty of the sea .


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