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Boat excursion with aperitif and snorkeling: few moments to fish in Syracuse

Sicily is my passion and my only love

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The best way to get to know the sea in Syracuse is to book a boatexcursion with aperitif and snorkeling.“A few moments to fish,” you’ll think between a cool local aperitif and a snorkeling exploration of the seabed.

For this itinerary, departing from the Port of Ognina or the Port of Syracuse, the estimated duration is 2 hours. In fact, there will be few moments to fish but intense ones.

Would you like to participate in“trolling” by alternating between relaxation and adventure?

Boat excursion with aperitif and snorkeling: want to fish

The boat excursion with typical local appetizer and snorkeling relaxes, regenerates. After admiring the living wonders in the Syracuse seabed by snorkeling, the urge to fish inevitably rises.

As you sail along the shores of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area, you will come across incredible natural scenery. Sheer cliffs seem to guard a seabed populated by many species of fish including dolphins, tuna, amberjacks, groupers.

Relax a bit while enjoying the show by enjoying refreshments. An unforgettable experience awaits you:‘trolling‘ in which you can actively participate. An experience that will make your excursion unique…

The Fisherman is not the usual tourist

One does not choose the boat excursion with appetizer and snorkeling just to relax like any tourist. Pescaturismo was born from the meeting of two different worlds: fishing (made of hard work and sweat) and tourism (made of relaxation and lots of breaks).

After enjoying your drink and snorkeling to admire the wonders pulsating underwater, you will feel an irresistible urge. That of fishing alongside those who have been doing it forever. You will have a few moments to fish in the two-hour excursion, but they will be intense. After all, you are a lifelong lover of active vacations .

In Sicily , fishing tourism is regulated by Regional Law No. 9/2019. According to this standard, the tourist who chooses Pescaturismo has many chances.

He can observe and learn the long tradition of seafaring activities, taste freshly cooked fish, and reach secluded and hidden coves. He can also participate as a leading participant in traditional fishing trips.

The fisherman must hold a regular Fisherman’s License. It can show tourists not only the characteristic sights of the local coastline but also the nautical chart to describe the itinerary and the use of on-board instruments.

Boat excursion with aperitif and snorkeling: ‘trolling’ fishing

Tourists involved in the live fishing are assisted by a boatmaster and a sailor.

The highlight of the Boat Excursion with aperitif and snorkeling has arrived. The fascination of hauling nets, the anticipation of seeing the catch surface are unique emotions granted to the fisherman.

There are many fishing techniques: trolling, flyer, netting, hook-and-line, and bolentino.

Trolling is the most common fishery practiced in the southeastern coastal strip of Sicily. It takes place below the coast. It consists of trolling a lure in such a way as to stimulate the aggressiveness of predators.

The best time for trolling is from March to November if you want to fish for certain fish species (mackerel, skipjack, sea bass, tuna mackerel, dolphinfish, walleye).

Few moments to fish but intense. And, in the end, it is better that way.

The fisherman is a ‘hunter’ by necessity. While, on the one hand, it enhances the fishing tradition, on the other hand, it educates to respect the environment and protect species.


The photographs within this hike/article, were not taken during one of our hikes, but are used for informational purposes only