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Etna tour with olive oil and/or honey and wine tasting

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Etna tour with olive oil and/or honey and wine tasting

An ideal tour for those who want to discover the most fascinating and hidden corners of Etna is one that combines the discovery of one of the world’s most famous volcanoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the possibility of tasting some typical products such as olive oil or honey and wine.

Etna, in fact, is a very fertile land that for this reason allows the production of various agricultural specialities and with the Etna tour with olive oil tasting or honey or wine tasting, it will be possible to combine adventure with the goodness of its typical products.


Etna tour with olive oil tasting

What could be nicer than discovering one of the wonders of nature in the world and tasting one of its typical products at the same time? On the way to Mount Etna you can taste the delicious Olive Oil that has a unique flavour given by the soil on which the olive trees are cultivated.

During the tour, you can discover the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Mount Etna DOP obtained from the fruits of the Nocellara Etnea variety that is among the main vineyards from which this delicious product is made.

During the tour, you will be able to taste the Etna DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which has a golden-yellow colour with greenish highlights, a very fruity, light aroma and a flavour that gives a slight sensation ranging from bitter to spicy.

The oil produced on Etna has multi-millennial origins and was introduced as a product during the first millennium BC by the Phoenicians and later by the Greeks.

Oil production has developed continuously over the centuries and many have been the contributions of the peoples who have succeeded one another over time, keeping the olive-growing tradition alive.


Excursion to Mount Etna and wine or honey tasting

The excursion to Mount Etna allows one not only to discover the beauty of the natural scenery but also to enjoy an excellent wine and honey tasting.

The excursion to Mount Etna is exciting and when you reach the places where you can taste Etna’s DOC wines and honey, your taste buds will also be delighted.

Visiting a wine cellar on Mount Etna while surrounded by magnificent vineyards and having a breathtaking view of the surrounding scenery, allows one to taste typical Sicilian wines and naturally produced from the vines that grow on the slopes of the volcano.


Etna honey on your food and wine tour

The gold of Etna is the honey that characterises this area and which is presented as an agro-food excellence. This is possible thanks to the climate in which the bees grow and work, an area that is kissed by the warmth of the sun and the flourishing volcanic earth.

During the Etna food and wine tour, it is therefore possible to discover not only olive oil and wine, but also honey, which is among the best and best known in Italy. A product that has been produced since the early 1900s, valuable, with genuine characteristics and aromatic notes that make it unique.


Wine and food tours on Etna: an experience to be had

Visiting Mount Etna is in itself an experience that remains forever etched in the memory, but combining the discovery of the area with an appreciation for some of the agricultural and wine products that characterise the area is truly unforgettable.

The food and wine tour on Etna allows you to choose whether to savour the delicious DOP oil, or whether to consider a trip to discover precious products such as the golden, fragrant honey and the wine that has a characteristic colour and flavour, again due to the environment in which the vines grow.

Are you ready for a unique trip? Then go on an Etna tour with olive oil and/or honey and wine tasting!

The photographs within this hike/article, were not taken during one of our tours, but are used for informational purposes only