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Boat tour in Ortigia and Lunch or Dinner at a restaurant

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Boat tour in Syracuse with lunch or dinner

What could be more beautiful and relaxing than a boat ride in Syracuse ? Anything! If you want to frame your holiday in Sicily with a truly magical experience, you absolutely cannot miss a boat tour in Syracuse with lunch or dinner depending on the time you choose to book.

A truly fun and unique excursion that will remain in your memory forever! But how does a Syracuse boat tour work? Find out with us!

Boat excursion to Syracuse

The excursion or tour by boat on the coast of the Island of Ortigia in Syracuse is an experience designed to allow you to enjoy the panoramic beauties offered by the sea! The boat tour can last about an hour and then ends with an excellent lunch or dinner in a restaurant in Ortigia.

The boat excursion allows you to observe Syracuse from a completely different perspective. We start passing through the small port to see some of the buildings and iconic scenarios of the city center from the sea. As you proceed with the navigation on the coast you will be able to see breathtaking scenery, truly postcard-worthy!

The boat will then go into the sea to let you fully discover the naturalistic scenery that surrounds the city and characterizes the coast of Syracuse.

During the boat ride it will also be possible to observe the Marine caves and also pass under the famous Umbertino bridge which is one of the main connections from the mainland to the island of Ortigia.

Discover all of Syracuse’s attractions from the coast with a boat tour

The organized boat tour to Syracuse and Ortigia Island , as mentioned, allows you to better admire some of the main attractions of the city with a unique view: that from the coast.

During the boat tour it is possible to discover every detail of the island of Ortigia, a UNESCO heritage site, but not only.

You can walk along the famous Fonte Aretusa and observe the majestic and imposing Maniace Castle which turns its gaze towards the sea.

The view from the boat of part of the façade of the Cathedral and of the various historic buildings is also enchanting.

Boat trip with lunch in Ortigia

But is the boat tour to Syracuse better by day or by night ? On both occasions this is a tour that certainly leaves a wonderful memory of Syracuse.

During the day it is possible to be enchanted by the sun that caresses the crystalline sea and see the whole Island of Ortigia illuminated with natural light and set between the blue of the sky and that of the sea.

A boat tour in Syracuse during the day can only end with an excellent lunch. Lunch is served in a spectacular and excellent restaurant in Ortigia , in the heart of the historic center. This tour is perfect if you want to spend an alternative morning and enjoy not only the beauty but also the gastronomic delights of the city.

Syracuse boat tour with dinner in Ortigia

If, on the other hand, you have more of a spirit who loves the colors of the evening, then you must choose the boat tour with dinner in Ortigia . The boat ride in Syracuse can be booked at sunset time.

This is an extremely romantic time and perfect for couples who want to be enchanted by the sun that meets the sea and which gives way to a set of wonderful colors.

With a boat tour in Syracuse in the evening you can also admire the coast and the historic buildings that are colored by the lights of the sunset up to the spectacle offered by the evening lighting of the city.

After a nice evening boat ride you cannot miss dinner in a restaurant in Ortigia , where you can end your day in the best possible way with excellent local products.


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