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Minivan tour from Syracuse to Catania and Taormina

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Syracuse – Catania and Taormina

Starting from Syracuse you can choose to participate in various excursions to some of the most beautiful and characteristic destinations in Sicily. Two destinations that you absolutely cannot miss during your Sicilian holidays are certainly: Catania and Taormina .

With a full day tour you can come and discover these two wonderful destinations, also accompanied by a qualified multilingual guide who can tell you the history, art, architecture as well as the secrets and the stories of Catania and Taormina .

Day trip from Syracuse to Catania

Starting from Syracuse on a comfortable coach of minimum 8 and maximum 16 people , with this tour to Catania and Taormina you can discover some peculiarities that make these towns unique.

The excursion begins with a visit to the splendid Catania where you can immediately start admiring its Piazza del Duomo, the beating heart of the city. In the center of the square you can see the symbol of the city: the Elephant Fountain . This fountain represents an elephant that was made in the black lava from which then rises a peculiar Egyptian obelisk .

There are several legends about this fountain, some of which state that the statue was able to appease Mount Etna during one of its eruptions. In the Piazza del Duomo you can only visit the Cathedral of Catania open to the public and can be visited for free. From the square it is then possible to move to Via Etnea, the main city artery. While walking on this road you can admire the imposing silhouette of the Etna volcano from afar.

Catania also offers other tourist attractions such as its Roman Theater with its historic architecture and surrounded by the many city and modern buildings that have sprung up in its vicinity. If you love greenery, the gardens of Villa Bellini are also very interesting, also perfect for a quiet stop.

Excursion to Taormina

From Catania you can only reach one of the most popular destinations in Sicily: Taormina.

With its predominant position overlooking the sea, the natural landscape and the extensive cultural, artistic and historical heritage , Taormina is one of the most beautiful and famous destinations on the island. Rich in beauty, charm and seductive, this town has been able to remain in the mind of writers and poets who have loved and praised it but not only.

The city, especially in the summer, is one of the most popular destinations for famous people who come to Taormina to spend their holidays under the banner of beauty and glamor.

Taormina is located near Mount Etna and that is why it fascinates visitors thanks to the combination of the view of the sea and its sandy beaches and that of the volcano.

During the one-day tour of Taormina it is possible to enjoy its beauty, to discover the ancient Greek-Roman theater which today is the focal point of festivals and events. The medieval streets still intact allow you to walk observing unique sceneries and panoramas that remain in the heart. Also known for its gastronomy , it is possible to smell in the streets the typical smells of the dishes that distinguish the town.

Why take a day tour of Catania and Taormina

Sicily is all beautiful to see from east to west from north to south , if you have chosen Syracuse as the focal point of your holiday, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to its area.

Thanks to the organized excursions and day trips it is possible to go and discover other pearls and wonders of Sicily such as Catania and Taormina , which represent some of the most popular destinations. Moreover, thanks to the guided day excursions you can discover not only the beauty of these cities but also their history and culture.


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