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Do you want to discover some of the most beautiful cities in Sicily and above all do you want to get to know their history in depth? Then you must follow the guided tours from Catania to Syracuse designed to take you to the heart of the most beautiful historical and artistic cities in the area, to discover: churches, legends, stories, architecture and art!

Guided excursion from Catania to Syracuse

Before leaving for a guided tour of Syracuse, you will surely be enchanted by the beautiful Catania. The city was rebuilt 9 times due to the frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that destroyed the city structure.

The last major reconstruction was carried out in 1693 in the Baroque style! A peculiar style that has allowed the reconstruction of noble palaces and the main city churches that can still be visited today.

Catania, famous for the little elephant in Piazza Duomo, is also the bearer of many legends and stories, just like the one linked to the “O Liotru” (i.e. the elephant), who was considered the protector of the city from volcanic eruptions.

Before leaving for a guided tour of Syracuse from Catania, you certainly cannot miss the Cathedral of Sant’Agata. Rebuilt several times after the earthquakes, it still has elements of the first construction of 1070. The original base of the Cathedral, on the other hand, was built on the remains of the ancient baths.

Via Etna is the most famous artery in Catania: scenic and above all perfect for a walk that allows you to observe the beauty of the volcano!

Catania could only pay homage to the great composer Vincenzo Bellini by naming after him the theater built in 1890 which depicts his most famous works such as Norma, I Puritani, La sonnambula, the Pirate and the Victory of the Catanese over the Libyans portrait on the curtain.

After you have admired the beauties of Catania, it’s time to leave for an excursion to Syracuse and the island of Ortigia!

Tour and sightseeing in Syracuse

If you want to take a journey through the history of the area, you absolutely cannot miss the day tour with guided visit from Catania to Syracuse.

Syracuse has a thousand-year history, in fact, it was founded by the Corinthians in 734 BC. The testimonies that are still present in the area allow you to admire all its history, the monuments, the archaeological sites, the historic center are all testimonies that highlight the various periods from the Etruscan, to the Greek, to the Roman domination up to the Baroque period.

Definitely worth seeing in Syracuse is the beautiful Island of Ortigia: the heart of the city and trace of the past and history of the place. To reach the island of Ortigia during a guided excursion to Syracuse you have to cross one of the bridges that connect the island to the mainland. From here it is possible to reach the beautiful Fonte Aretusa and continue the tour with an expert guide towards some of the most characteristic attractions.

Do not miss the visit to the Cathedral of Syracuse which stands on the temple dedicated to the Via Atena and which represents one of the highest architectural manifestations of the Sicilian Baroque. In Piazza del Duomo it is possible to admire many churches and elegant palaces such as the Palazzo Vermexio.

If you are passionate about art, you will be happy to see the famous work by Caravaggio “The Burial of Saint Lucia” preserved in the church dedicated to the Patroness of Syracuse: Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia.

A pleasant walk along the seafront during your guided tour of Syracuse will take you to Castello Maniace from here you can admire the coast and be enchanted by the beauty of the sea.

Syracuse offers many attractions, in addition to the most famous there are many references to the Hellenistic period, natural wonders and of course an excellent food and wine history.

Do you also want to discover this beautiful city? Then don’t miss the tour from Catania to Syracuse!


The photographs within this hike/article, were not taken during one of our tours, but are used for informational purposes only