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Guided Tour of Baroque Sicily

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Baroque Sicily Tour – Discovering Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Scicli

Are you looking for information about a ” Tour of Baroque Sicily”? Well, then you’ve landed in just the right guide that allows you to discover these wonderful Sicilian locations: Ragusa, Modica and Scicli.

Do you feel ready to immerse yourself in an exciting Walking Tour to discover Baroque art and beauty? Well then find out which are the “little gems” you can visit in just one day.

Baroque Walking Tour: discovering Ragusa, a world heritage city

A rich and articulated walking route that leads from the New Town to Ragusa Ibla, the lower town, providing a visit to all the monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

From the Cathedral of St. John, then, in Ragusa Superiore, we continue to the gracious Bishop’s Palace, passing the two baroque palaces Zacco and Bertini, and then continue the descent to the lower town. A must-visit destination is the Church of Santa Maria delle Scale with its magnificent view of Ragusa Ibla.

The tour continues to Palazzo Nicastro or della Cancelleria, a splendid emblem of the late civil Baroque, and a visit to the nearby Church of Idria. The Baroque Walking Tour continues with a visit to the church of San Giuseppe and along Corso Aprile 25 and visit to the Iblei Gardens.

Baroque Walking Tour: discovering Modica

The Baroque Walking Tour exploring Modica begins with a walk to the upper town area to reach the splendid Cathedral of San Giorgio. Descending down the graceful pitch-stone staircase, we arrive at the church of San Pietro, Matrice of lower Modica.

Baroque Walking Tour: discovering the “treasures” of Scicli

The Baroque Walking Tour to discover Scicli begins in Piazza Italia, located in the heart of Scicli’s charming historic center and includes a visit to the Mother Church dedicated to St. Ignatius and St. William. On the opposite side of the square, it is possible to admire the 18th-century Fava Baroque palace and then continue with a visit to the church of San Bartolomeo.

The tour then includes an easy walk along the stately Via Mormino Penna and ends at Piazza Busacca. The Baroque Walking Tour includes the possibility of combining the city tour of Scicli and Modica or the full-day city tour of Scicli and Ragusa.

The tour will also include the possibility of combining the city tour of Scicli and Modica or the full-day city tour of Scicli and Ragusa.

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