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Walking tour Caltagirone and the ceramic workshop

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Walking tour Caltagirone and the ceramic workshop

Are you looking for useful information to participate in a Walking Tour in Caltagirone? Well, then if you typed “Walking tour Caltagirone” on your PC or smartphone, you have come to this guide, which collects all the most useful information for visiting the wonderful Caltagirone border in one day.

Walking Tour Caltagirone: what to see and discover

Caltagirone is a baroque city with a thousand faces that has always attracted and fascinated the millions of tourists from all over the world who come on holiday to Sicily. The tour starts with a visit to the municipal garden, and continues with a visit (optional) to the wonderful ceramic museum.

The wonderful Regional Museum of Ceramics hands down the history of the “material” for which Caltagirone is famous all over the world. Among the majestic ceramic works of Caltagirone, the beautiful Teste di Moro are incredible works that have enriched the balconies of Sicilian buildings and palaces for centuries. In the section of ancient ceramics of the Ceramics Museum you can admire artifacts dating back to the Greek and Roman eras.

In addition to the ceramic “pieces” dating back to antiquity, it is possible to view and admire the pieces from the Renaissance period, the precious colored majolica from the Baroque period and contemporary ceramics. The Walking tour in Caltagirone continues along the road that leads to the Cathedral of San Giuliano, which has been rebuilt several times after the earthquakes of 1542 and 1693.

The most characteristic part of the exterior is the bright and shiny turquoise dome, with golden and vertical stripes, and visible from many points of the village. Continue towards the stairway of Santa Maria del Monte, the “new” part of the city, located in the highest area of ​​Caltagirone. It was the idea of ​​Benedetto Papale, a friar from the 1700s, that made it a “jewel” of the city.

Visit to the Caltagirone ceramic laboratory

For ceramic enthusiasts and for the curious, it is possible to optionally visit the Caltagirone ceramic laboratory with the possibility of participating in the ceramic course for individuals or in the “DIDACTIC LABORATORY”, a project designed for school groups and for all those who wish.

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