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Gastronomic tour in Syracuse “History and Flavors”

Sicily is my passion and my one love

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Do you want to discover the history and flavors of Sicily? The perfect solution is to do it through a food tour in Syracuse.

The gastronomic tour allows you to discover the excellent food and delicious wine of Syracuse with a walk in the historic center of Ortigia and a visit to some characteristic wine bars and restaurants.

Genuine dishes of Syracuse tradition

During a food and wine tour in Syracuse it is possible not only to savor the goodness of the typical local dishes but also to discover the history of its recipes and products. This is possible thanks to the expert guide who will tell you in detail the history of the place, its dominations and food and wine.

During the stories you can let yourself be conquered by the various genuine dishes ranging from the tradition of fresh fish to desserts and the tasting of local liqueurs and wines.

The walk during the gastronomic tour of Ortigia and Syracuse also allows you to discover some places of historical interest in a different light, such as: Piazza del Duomo and Piazza Archimede where you can admire the Diana fountain .

Ortigia market tour: discovering local flavors

During the food and wine tour in Syracuse, you absolutely must not miss a walk in the famous market of Ortigia. Walking in this place it is possible to be conquered by the colorful spices and the beauty of the freshly caught fish. The market is a vivid place where flavours, delicious dishes, legends and stories condense. Here you can also taste some traditional dishes of the famous Sicilian street food.

The typical dishes of Syracuse

The discovery of the flavors of Syracuse includes a wide selection of typical Sicilian street food dishes but not only! Also appetizers, first and second courses mostly based on fish. Among the main dishes to try in Syracuse during a food and wine tour are: scacce. The traditional or stuffed scacce are small focaccias. The stuffed ones have the shape of a calzone, while the rolled ones are with tomato sauce and a very thin dough.

Another dish that represents the food and wine culture of Syracuse is fried pasta. This is one of the dishes that best represents the culinary tradition of Syracuse as it has ancient origins and is still re-proposed by the main city restaurants. Fried pasta is a dish of thin spaghetti, like angel hair, which is creamed with olive oil, anchovies and a sprinkling of toasted breadcrumbs.

A delicious fish-based recipe is Matalotta. Its name comes from the French “Matelote” which means: stewed fish with wine. The broth fish used in this soup is cooked in white wine. Another typical ingredient highly recommended for this soup are the capers that are used to give flavor to the dish.

These dishes are just an example of the typical recipes of Syracuse that can be discovered during a food and wine tour.

A fun tour for food lovers

During the Syracuse gastronomic tour it is possible to be welcomed by the scents of the typical city cuisines.

Choosing to take the tour in the afternoon and in the evening, it is possible to taste traditional dishes, appetizers and of course the desserts handmade by the professionals of the local pastry shops cannot be missing.

During the tour, there is also a selection of white wines, red wines and Sicilian liqueurs to taste each dish at its best.

The food and wine tour in Syracuse is the best solution to let yourself be conquered by the flavours, smells and traditions of Sicily.

All you have to do now is: open your stomach and discover with your partner, your family or with your group of friends the best dishes and wines in Syracuse!



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