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Street food Catania by night

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Street food Catania by night: a ‘very good’ idea

Street food in Catania by night, by day, anytime. The gastronomic tour in the ‘Milan of the South’ is non-stop. The first edition of Street Food Fest Catania in May 2018 was a huge success with the public and critics. The street food festival called together tens of thousands of people from all over the world for four days.

Catania is a seaside city: there is no shortage of fish, but people here also love meat, especially horse meat. It is more open to new things than Palermo while retaining its ‘good’ traditions. At night, street food-loving citizens and tourists go on the hunt for what, in particular?

Street food Catania by night: a way of life

By discovering street food in Catania by night you will realize the visceral relationship that every Catanese has with his land and his food. Catania boasts the largest widespread outdoor dining in all of Italy. It puts appetite, cheerfulness, exudes warmth, unique scents, friendliness and hospitality that make people appreciate its flavors even more.

Horse meat is the highlight. They grill on the road in large braziers outside the equine butcher shops. It is a typical Catania tradition passed down in street food: meatballs and slices of horse meat cooked with garlic, onion, breadcrumbs, pepper and eggs and stuffed into a sandwich. There is no shortage of ‘Made in Sicily’ burgers, grilled meats, cured meats and cheeses, potato croquettes, cipollata (pork belly wrapped on long onion). All accompanied by wines, beer, craft soft drinks.

Street food Catania by night: For seafood lovers

Catania boasts a good number of fry shops on the road; you can even find one in the middle of the fish market.

Cartocci of fried fish, squid ink arancini, mint codfish balls, sarde beccafico along with natural wines and beers. At the kiosks they make coffee, sell a few soft drinks but the highlight is seltzer with sparkling water, salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice. A refreshing digestive. To conclude, typical desserts: pistachio granita, cannoli, cassata, almond pastries. And, now, book your visit to Street Food in Catania by night!


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