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Tour of the craft workshops in Syracuse on the island of Ortigia

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Tour of the craft workshops in Syracuse on the island of Ortigia

A characteristic experience that leads to the discovery of the history of an enchanting place is the tour of the craft workshops in Syracuse on the Island of Ortigia.

The tour of the craft workshops on the Island of Ortigia and in the historic centre of Syracuse means taking a step back in time, which leads to the discovery of an area recognised for its craftsmen and the unique products that are created within these small workshops that have maintained their authenticity over time.

With this tour, it is possible to take a close look at all the details that characterise the craft workshops on the island of Ortigia, their history and also the works that are made following tradition, but also art and personal flair.

In the workshops you can discover the work of carpenters, potters, glassmakers and carvers who are able to create truly unique products.


Why take a tour of Syracuse’s workshops?

If you have planned a trip to Sicily, to Syracuse and the island of Ortigia, you will know that there are many unique experiences to be had. Among these, if you want to get to know the culture of the area and also its history, you cannot miss a tour of the craftsmen’s workshops.

Most of the craftsmen’s workshops are located on the ancient Via dei Mestieri. This area was already home to some of Syracuse’s craftsmen’s workshops in times gone by: potters, carvers, carpenters, glassworkers who worked in the service of the leading aristocratic families, mostly of Spanish origin.

By exploring the workshops, it is also possible to see some of the fine elements that characterise the craftsmanship and manual dexterity that each artisan put into the production of some of Sicily’s typical elements and products, deriving both from the Spanish tradition and from the tradition that later served the Syracusan nobility.

A mix of Sicilian Baroque, history, colours, shades and of course innovation as well as professionalism.


Unique artists who will introduce you to the wonders of craftsmanship

A truly fantastic experience can be had with the tour to discover the workshops of the artisans on the island of Ortigia and Syracuse.

The guide knows the city, the workshops, and the history behind the art that is expressed by these professionals down to the smallest detail. In addition, each craftsman in his workshop will be ready to tell you what he does and even a few little secrets about what leads to the creation of a unique work.

You will discover about a dozen craftsmen and their works. Many of them not only create original and unique works, but are also involved in the creation of completely sustainable works that respect the environment and not only the history of the place.

All the works are of the highest quality and one can fully enjoy the creative pleasure and the sharing of the experiences of each craftsman, knowing what led him to create specific works.


When to tour the workshops

Definitely, the advice is to do the workshop tour in the summer, spring time. However, this does not mean that you cannot also take a trip to discover the workshops in Syracuse and Ortigia during the autumn or winter period.

It is always advisable to assess together with the tour organiser what is the perfect period and the best day to take a tour of the workshops of the craftsmen of Syracuse or Ortigia Island.

By booking your tour of the craft workshops you will be able to take a truly unique journey and enter into the characteristic spirit of Syracuse and the Island of Ortigia by observing live the artists who will be at work during your holiday.


The photographs within this hike/article, were not taken during one of our tours, but are used for informational purposes only