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Syracuse is a splendid city located on the southeastern coast of Sicily. The city presents itself as one of the oldest in the entire noon, in fact you can discover so many historical relics still present in its historic center.

If you’re planning a trip to Syracuse and you really don’t want to miss any of its attractions, a smart and perfect solution to discover it is Syracuse scooter rental.

Scooter rental in Syracuse makes it easy to go and discover its historical sites such as those dating back to the Greek/Roman period like: the Temple of Apollo, the Greek Theater or the Maniace Castle.

Thanks to its coastal location, the city is also close to many beaches where you can enjoy all the beauty of the Sicilian territory.
Why choose scooter rental in Syracuse?

Choosing a scooter rental in Syracuse means spending a unique stay full of fun and discovery of the territory.

With a scooter you can not only discover the city of Syracuse and the historic center located on the Island of Ortigia, connected to the city by two bridges, but also the beaches and towns in the surrounding area such as Avola, Noto and Brucoli.

Traveling by scooter through the streets of Syracuse and the surrounding areas is one of the most convenient ways to be able to get around without any inconvenience. There will be no problems finding parking, it will be easier than moving around in traffic, and you will not be subject to the constraints imposed by buses, trains, and other public transportation.

Discovering the island of Ortigia by renting a scooter

Renting a scooter in Syracuse offers the opportunity to discover the oldest area of ​​the city: the island of Ortigia.

The island of Ortigia is full of architectural and natural wonders to visit . With the scooter it is possible to travel through its narrow streets and then reach the central squares such as Piazza del Duomo, where the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria delle Colonne stands. Furthermore, it is possible to discover the town hall, the Palazzo della Superintendenza, the Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia.

Discovering the Island of Ortigia by scooter will allow you to enjoy your holidays to the full, in a carefree, unique and fun way!

Scooter rental in Syracuse: to reach its beaches

In the summer, getting into a car can be a real torture, especially until the air conditioning is activated and the cooling starts. But to go to the beach and discover the coasts of Syracuse there is a simpler method: scooter rental!

By renting a scooter you simply have to get on board your vehicle and let yourself be caressed by the wind and sea breeze to reach some of the most beautiful beaches in Syracuse.

Among the beaches not to be missed there are certainly: San Lorenzo di Noto beach, Avola beach, Vendicari reserve beach, Fontane Bianche beach and Calamosche beach .

The advantages of scooter rental in Syracuse

Renting a scooter in Syracuse allows you to experience a unique experience, a holiday full of memories, because you will have the opportunity to travel both in the city center and its surroundings.

If you are a couple or alone, the scooter rental in Syracuse allows you to: avoid the use of cars or public transport, fully enjoy the experience of a holiday in Sicily, reach easily the beaches without having to be stuck in traffic, go everywhere without the hassle of parking.

Traveling by scooter in Syracuse allows you to fully enjoy your holiday, in a peaceful way, without constraints and with maximum fun. Do not miss the opportunity to discover Sicily and Syracuse on board a scooter! Contact us for a scooter rental in Syracuse!

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