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Hi I’m Iolanda

Sicily is my passion and my one love

Born in the wonderful city of Syracuse in Sicily a few years ago. As soon as I finished high school, I immediately felt the impelling desire for discovery, a desire that had been growing in me since childhood, it was boiling in my veins. I decided at that point to spread my little wings and leave the nest. I lived abroad for several years, a priceless experience, wonderful, rich, difficult. I worked in different fields, this gave me the opportunity to understand what my passions really were, but more importantly, it built my professionalism and developed my skills.

In 2010 I decided to return to my magical island, Sicily, for the experience gained in previous years to take shape there, back where I was born. I started working in hotels and in managerial roles. I have always loved the contact with the diverse public and people from a variety of different cultures. At the same time, in my mind a new project was taking shape. After all, in life one always needs new challenges to feel alive and dynamic. Day after day ideas blossomed thanks to the thousands of feedback from customers and especially their complaints.
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How Sicily in Travel came about

Well, in short, it is with this spirit as well as the strong desire to make a small contribution of my own to my beautiful city that SIRACUSA TRAVEL was born in 2018. This later expanded the range of services throughout the territory and became SICILY IN TRAVEL, which has the mission to become a container of information and services easily accessible by tourists. It was not easy to turn an idea into something real, but that’s really the beauty of it, don’t you think? Of course, there is a whole “behind the scenes” to thank. Formed by those who believed in me and with their help supported me and continue to support me on a daily basis for the realization of this complex project. For this, I thank my friends, my family, and also people I do not know personally who with some photographic and video material also gave a small contribution. I would like to consider them small seeds that I planted during my journey of consciousness and life that today have become age-old oaks in my heart. THANK YOU!…… And please leave lots of comments so that Syracuse Travel can keep improving and become more and more indispensable for all of you wonderful travelers…HAVE FUN!

Our formidable Team

We are simply travelers who are passionate and in love with their territory which is rich in history and tradition, and want to enhance the area SICILY.



Passionate about travel and a great love for my land prompted me to create this project and search for a team that, like me, loves their land and wants to enhance it.



Reservation officer

Young and ambitious, she has chosen to devote herself to contact with the public, always attentive to requests and can find the right product for every need.


Social media marketer

The web specialist, always finds the right way to communicate and always publishes interesting and original content that satisfies customers’ curiosity. 



Commercial Officer

Professional and dynamic, always looking for quality products to offer you. Carefully selecting and offering only the highest quality services.