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Syracuse, a city located on the Ionian coast of Sicily, is known for its history and architectural beauty. Its artistic heritage is immeasurable. But how best to be able to discover Syracuse and its surroundings? Simple with car rental in Syracuse.
Short-term car rental is the best solution for those who spend a vacation in Syracuse and want to move freely both in the city and among the nearby sights and attractions. Whether it is summer or winter, there is nothing better than getting on board a car to fully experience your vacation and stay in Syracuse.
Car rental in Syracuse: to discover the city’s attractions

Car rental in Syracuse allows you to reach some of the city’s main attractions. The first place to reach is definitely the historic center of Syracuse, which is actually an island.
Called the Island of Ortigia, the center of Syracuse can be reached by car by crossing either the Umbertino Bridge or the Santa Lucia Bridge, which connect the mainland to the island.
Once in Ortigia, it is possible to pass through a maze of historic streets and visit the city’s monuments and museums.
In addition to all the beauty that can be discovered in the historic center of Ortigia, it is also possible to reach with a rental car in Syracuse other attractions such as: a real canyon, namely the Cava Grande.
This has been carved out over the millennia by the Cassibile River, which reaches the sa, traveling a good 40 km to the south.
Once you reach the canyon, it is possible to take a trekking route in the wilderness, discovering the various shapes of the rock and taking a bath in one of the natural lakes.

Syracuse rental car? Perfect for getting to the most beautiful beaches

If you chose to take a rental car in Syracuse you can use it to reach the most beautiful beaches in the surrounding area.

With your car you will be able to freely move among some of the most beautiful summer summers near Syracuse and reach:

  • Avola Beach: ideal for those seeking peace and relaxation and to spend quiet hours with family and friends.
  • The Beach of San Lorenzo di Noto: this lies in the Vendicari reserve and is mainly sandy but also interspersed with some rocky areas.
  • The Beach of the Vendicari Reserve: characterized by a sandy shoreline and crystal clear waters.
  • The Beach of Fontane Bianche: only 15 km from Syracuse and one of the most beautiful and beloved beaches in the area.

What to see nearby by car in Syracuse

Renting a car means being able to move around the city’s environs with ease without having to go crazy about train, bus, etc. schedules, which often cannot meet all the needs one has on vacation.

Among the most beautiful places to see near Syracuse are:

  • Rock Necropolis of Pantalica
  • The city of Modica (famous for chocolate)
  • Cassibile Natural Canyon
  • Noto and its historic center

These are just some of the attractions to discover near Syracuse with your rental car! In fact, with a car you will have no limits and you can linger wherever you want.

The advantages of car rental in Syracuse

The advantages of car rental in Syracuse are different. In the foreground, by renting a car, you can wander around the city, around Syracuse, and reach its most beautiful beaches in no time. Renting a car in Syracuse means living your holidays to the full without constraints and limitations.

I would not have problems with schedules, you will not have to struggle making tickets or hoping that a connecting flight does not skip. In short, no bond with a car, every attraction will be within your reach! Car rental in Syracuse is therefore the best solution to be able to fully enjoy your holidays! Discover the beauty of Sicily with the car of your choice.

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