Dinner by boat in Capomulini

Sicily is my passion and my one love

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Dinner by boat in Capomulini | Unforgettable emotion

Taking a sailing tour has always been a unique and unforgettable thrill. Doing it in Sicily on the Etna coast lit up in the evening will be something indescribable. Whether you do it for pure relaxation, or for a romantic evening discovering these largely unspoiled lands, your day can only end with a nice dinner on the boat by candlelight enjoying typical dishes and admiring the stars…

Capomulini: Beautiful Sicilian Maritime Village

Capomulini Bay is located about 5 km from Acireale and borders (hence the term Capo) the Gulf of Catania. The town of the same name, located in front of the inlet, was an important Roman trade route and the site of numerous finds including the famous bust of Caesar of Acireale. Also beautiful to see is the Tower of Sant’Anna, now a lighthouse, which dates back to the late 16th century and is also interesting from the historical point of view of this land rich in legends and mythology.

The Tower of Sant’Anna is also interesting from the historical point of view of this land rich in legends and mythology.

It retains an old-world charm and the opportunity to see this fantastic panorama from the sea makes this an exciting and superlative experience. These Italian glimpses are one of a kind: first towards the northern part of the port of Catania, until you reach the Bay of Capomulini, a seafaring and typically Sicilian village, where at sunset you can enjoy an excellent dinner face to face with the sea.

Rustic appetizer while watching the stars, a seafood entrée while watching the sunset over the beautiful sea, and then the inevitable toast with white wine to make the occasion special.

A Breathtaking Dinner by the Sea

The cool breeze from the Sea, accompanied by the togetherness that comes from being on a boat, the gentle reflections of lights on the water, a candlelight dinner and breathtaking scenery. This is one of the most typical places in Sicily, and it will be exciting to hear our Skypper’s tales about these lands inhabited by Greeks and Romans, considered as one of the most fascinating natural jewels in the world.

The most beautiful place in the world.

Wonderful place to relax immersed in an atmosphere of other times between sunsets over the sea, scents and glimpses of unique landscapes that we will never forget for the rest of our lives.

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