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Rent a boat without a license in Sicily

Is it possible to rent a boat without a license in Sicily? Of course! You can go to the discovery of the sea and the beautiful coasts of Sicily by choosing the boat rental without a license from the main ports.

Renting a boat is a perfect solution to experience a truly wonderful beach holiday, full of experiences that can only be done on the sea. Furthermore, by renting a boat you can also choose to move freely among the many islands that are present off the coast of Sicily.

The landscapes that can be encountered are enchanting, the atmosphere is wonderful and on some islands, landing by boat you can also discover their culture and the typical food and wine of their territory. In particular, by renting a boat you can also go to the discovery of the coves that distinguish the main Sicilian coasts.

Finally, not only can you admire the turquoise sea but you also have the opportunity to dive into crystal clear water.


When to rent a boat in Sicily

renting a boat in Sicily is always a good idea not only during the summer. In summer, the experience of renting a boat without a license is certainly all-round because you can enjoy a warm and bright sun and at the same time you have the opportunity to experience a swim in the warm but clear waters of the sea of ​​the Sicilian coasts. .

Renting a boat in the summer also allows you to enjoy the trip in a bathing suit, sunbathing and watching wonderful sunsets on the horizon. As well as renting a boat in Sicily during the period summer when the average temperature goes from about 30 to 38 °, you can also evaluate other periods.

Among the main periods for boat rental there are also autumn and spring. In both seasons, on days when it does not rain, it is possible to discover the Sicilian coasts enjoying a warm sun between 14 ° and 28 °.

Finally, for many, a boat trip between the islands and rugged coasts during the winter is very romantic. In fact, during the winter, even if the temperatures are colder, on sunny days a boat trip can be exciting. In addition, with a diving suit you can safely dive into the sea and snorkel.


What to explore on a boat trip in Sicily?

Sicily is an island with many beauties and is the perfect destination for those who love nature, history and the sea. But what to explore during a trip with a rental boat even without a license in Sicily? Sicily offers many authentic, hidden and even famous places.

By renting a boat in Sicily you can explore many places among the most popular there are certainly:

  • The coasts of the famous Riserva dello Zingaro
  • Coast and descend to discover Taormina
  • Visit the Aeolian Islands and dine by candlelight while observing the coast
  • Discover Favignana
  • Immerse yourself in Sicilian culture reaching Castellamare del Golfo
  • Visiting the coasts of Syracuse and the island of Ortigia by boat

In all these locations you can not only rent a boat but also discover the beauty of nature that characterizes them and take a bath in its crystal clear waters . In addition to reaching these wonderful destinations, you can also choose to reach particular caves and coves by boat. Like, for example, the lovers’ cave which is one of the most popular destinations for those traveling by boat.


How do you rent a boat without a boat license?

If you do not have a boat license , of course, you will not be able to drive the boat, yacht or sailboat alone. This means that it will be necessary to request the rental of the boat with the skipper. The skipper is an experienced driver who can lead the boat or yacht wherever you like.

The skipper drives the ship in a safe and professional way and can also be a solution for those who have a boat license but want to enjoy their holiday in a peaceful sea and holiday. Sicily.

In addition to the Skipper, if you choose to rent a boat without a license, you can also evaluate the request for crew and a chef. With the crew you will have exclusive services such as a barman who can prepare aperitifs and a chef.

If you are curious and intrepid travelers before leaving you can agree with the Skipper the areas you want to visit. In addition, you will have the opportunity to request extra activities such as shore tours on the main islands of Sicily or snorkeling with a diving suit to discover the beauty of the marine ecosystem that characterizes the various areas. < / p>

Finally, you can also adopt other solutions, instead of renting a boat you could also consider a group trip on a yacht or on a boat shared with other people and with on-board staff that meets your every need.




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