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Minivan Tour from Syracuse to Etna

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Syracuse – Etna – full day with wine tasting and typical products in a winery

Join a dedicated tour and leave Syracuse to explore the magnificent Etna Volcano! This full-day tour offers a delightful combination of a natural adventure, local cuisine, and wine tasting at the winery.

Embarking on this one-day excursion to Mount Etna, you’ll have the opportunity to witness one of Europe’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring active volcanoes. The route leading to the volcano will also take you to one of the oldest natural parks in Sicily: the Etna Park.

If you have a passion for nature, food, and excellent wine, don’t miss out on this chance to leave Syracuse and embark on a tour to explore Etna!

Etna full day tour

The one-day tour of Mount Etna begins in the morning, allowing ample time to explore the volcano and all its unique features. Upon arriving at the Etna tourist station, visitors can witness a stunning array of natural wonders that vary with altitude.

One particularly fascinating attraction is the beautiful Bosco delle Betulle, which can be observed at an altitude ranging from 1500 to 1760 meters above sea level. With the guidance of an expert tour guide, visitors can trek through some of the most characteristic areas of the volcano.

For instance, they can explore some of the magnificent caves, which not only offer breathtaking views but also preserve intriguing stories of various kinds. With the assistance of the knowledgeable guide, visitors can learn about every anecdote and curiosity related to the volcano.

What to see during a tour of Mount Etna

There are numerous attractions to discover during an excursion to Etna. Depending on the chosen route, visitors can witness the Silvestri Craters, which offer a unique experience as they originated from an eruption that occurred in 1982.

The Sartorius Mountains are also a fascinating site. Located at the base of Monte Frumento, the craters were formed in 1856 at an altitude of 1650 meters and were named after the scientist who classified one of the main eruptions of the volcano.

The Grotta del Gelo is another impressive attraction, known for its perennial presence of ice for over three hundred years. Located at about 2030 meters on the slopes of the volcano, it’s truly a remarkable sight to behold. Finally, the Summit Craters and a visit to the beautiful Valle del Bove are among the highlights of Etna Park.

From Etna to wine tasting and typical products in the winery

After a full day of exploring Mount Etna, it’s time to indulge in a delightful wine tasting accompanied by top-quality local produce. Following a day of trekking and walking, this makes for the perfect ending to the excursion, offering the chance to sample some of the finest Sicilian wines and typical delicacies.

The wine tasting is a moment of absolute relaxation that allows visitors to socialize and relive the experiences of the day spent on the slopes of Etna. They can share their impressions, curiosities, and emotions with their group, having taken a unique excursion to one of the world’s most active volcanoes. So, let yourself be delighted by the excellent wine and Sicilian cuisine before returning to Syracuse!

Tips for day trip to Mount Etna

If you’re planning to embark on a one-day excursion on the slopes of Mount Etna, you’ll receive all the necessary information and tips to make the most of this incredible experience after booking your tour. Generally, it’s highly recommended to wear appropriate clothing that allows you to walk comfortably for several hours.

It’s also essential to wear suitable trekking shoes with a good grip to ensure safety on the sometimes uneven terrain. Additionally, even during summer visits, it’s wise to bring a jacket and hat to protect against unexpected temperature drops and colder areas on the volcano.

Are you ready to explore Mount Etna? Don’t miss out on the one-day excursion, complete with a wine tasting and sampling of typical local products in the cellar!


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