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Aperibike in Syracuse

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Aperibike in Syracuse

Do you want to discover the historic center of Ortigia in a different way than usual? A perfect solution is the Aperibike in Syracuse. A guided bike tour that allows you to discover some of the main beauties of the historic center to end the day at sunset with a pleasant aperitif!

An experience not to be missed: bike tour in Ortigia

The bike tour of Ortigia with aperitif offers the possibility of having a unique experience that leaves all tourists enchanted.

In fact, with a bicycle guided by an escort, it is possible to discover the island of Ortigia in a fun way and without walking for kilometers. The tour guide will take you to discover some of the main attractions of the city.

It starts with a view of the temples of the island of Ortigia. During the Aperibike it is possible to admire the temple of Athena, the temple of Apollo, the Aretusa spring, and the Diana fountain.

A visit to Ortigia by bicycle can only look at some of the main attractions of the historic center, such as the beautiful Duomo.

The guided tour by bicycle in Syracuse can be followed with the traditional model or with those with pedal assistance.

During the tour, you will discover the most beautiful places in Ortigia which will be told by the expert tour guide who will accompany all the participants in the Aperibike.

Why take a bicycle tour?

Renting a bike in Syracuse for a tour with a guide and an aperitif on the island of Ortigia is one of the best ways to discover the city and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of this wonderful corner of Sicily. p>Choosing to take a bike tour it is possible: to see a greater number of places without having to walk for kilometers, to have fun in the company of the tour participants, to have an expert guide who tells the story, the legends and peculiarities of the island of Ortigia and of the historical center.

By cycling around the center it is possible to discover the nucleus of Ortigia, perceiving centuries of history, culture and art that have distinguished this truly evocative place. An island connected to the city by the Umbertino bridge which allows you to pass from Syracuse to its historic center.

Walking on the bike together with the guide allows you to see some of the main buildings in which the city lives with its palaces, sacred buildings, constructions dating back to Greek and Roman civilization.

Not to be missed is also the view of the Castello di Maniace, the building that extends throughout the southern part of the island.

Aperitif in Ortigia at sunset

The Aperibike can only end with a delicious aperitif in Ortigia at sunset. The aperitif is the perfect moment to be able to enjoy the beauties of the historic center while sipping an excellent drink and savoring some of the main dishes of Sicilian cuisine and appetizers.

While sipping a glass of wine, a cocktail, or a soft drink, you can only delight your palate with delicious fried foods, appetizers, platters, typical products, there will be no shortage of tables that will welcome all the participants in the Aperibike tour in Ortygia.

This innovative tour combines the possibility of discovering Ortigia and its beauties with a comfortable bike ride and ending in style at one of the most beautiful times of the day, i.e. at sunset.

There is no show more beautiful than admiring the beauty of Ortigia when the sun releases a light between red and orange on its monuments, while you sip a drink and let yourself be enchanted and win over the cuisine and the delicacies carefully prepared by industry experts.

If this tour attempts you over, all you have to do is book an Aperibike in Syracuse and fully enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.


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