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Guided walking tour of Taormina and Castelmola

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Guided walking tour of Taormina and Castelmola
From the Greek Theater to the streets of the Center.

Are you looking for information on what to see in Taormina? Here is some useful information for organizing a guided Walking Tour in Taormina. From the Greek Theater to the streets of the Center: here are the must-see destinations to visit.

What to see in Taormina: discovering the city-emblem of Sicily

Taormina has always been one of the most beloved locations in all of Sicily, both by Italian and foreign tourists, and it is definitely one of the most popular and envied by tourists coming to Sicily.

Participating in a Guided Walking Tour in Taormina is a valuable opportunity to admire unique landscapes, discover beautiful beaches, immerse yourself in culture, taste good local foods and discover Sicilian traditions that have stood the test of time. Taormina is considered the city-symbol of Sicily in the world: it is a beautiful town bathed by the warm waters of the Mare Nostrum.

Participating in a walking tour in Taormina allows you to discover and explore a great place to stroll in and out of the historic center.

What to see in Taormina: Greek Theater

In a Walking Tour in Taormina a must-see destination is undoubtedly the Greek Theater of Taormina, built 358 B.C. built by the Greeks to host theatrical and musical events. This marvelous Hellenic theater was chosen as the setting for their dramatic and musical performances. Later, in the second century A.D., the Greek Theater of Taormina was modified and expanded by the Romans, who transformed it into a place where bloody gladiator fights and hunting shows (venationes) took place. Even today, the famous Taormina Film Festival is still hosted inside.

What to see in Taormina: visit Palazzo Corvaja and Sicilian Museum of Art and Popular Traditions

Another mandatory stop on this Walking Tour in Taormina is undoubtedly a visit to Palazzo Corvaja, one of the most important monuments and home to the Sicilian Museum of Art and Popular Traditions. A splendid aristocratic villa located in the center of Taormina, Palazzo Corvaja is one of the most representative monuments overlooking Piazza Badia and Corso Umberto on one side and Piazza Santa Caterina on the other. The Sicilian Museum of Art and Popular Traditions enhances Sicilian cultural and artistic history: the works on display are able to “excite” and make arouse the passion and creativity of Sicilian Master Craftsmen.

Walking Tour in Taormina: discovering the historic center

Taormina still retains an incredible old-world charm, which can be felt as you walk through the streets of the wonderful historic center. The Walking Tour continues with a visit to Piazza del Belvedere (9th April), the public garden surrounded by greenery, and Piazza Duomo. Here it is possible to admire the statue depicting the city’s emblem: The Bipedal Centaur with Bust of a Woman. Shopping enthusiasts cannot miss a stroll down the famous Corso Umberto I, a lined with stores and luxurious boutiques.

Walking Tour: let’s visit Castelmola

Another must-visit destination is Castelmola, a picturesque village perched on a hill: here you can visit typical craft stores, as well as the ruins of the wonderful Castle. If you too want to experience the energy of a timeless town, book your guided walking tour in Taormina.

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