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The archaeological sites, the unmistakable coastal landscape, the churches and more. Pack your bags, discover Ragusa, one of the World Heritage Pearls along with Scicli and Modica.
Ragusa can be called two cities in one. A dense network of stairways and bridges connects Ragusa Superiore with Ragusa Inferiore (or Ibla, the old historic center). The former was entirely rebuilt after the 1693 earthquake. The two urban cores rise on two hills very close together, overlooking deep ravines.
There are many reasons to visit Ragusa, some are listed below.

What to see in Ragusa

The small harbor, the cathedral, attractions such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.
Ragusa holds as many as 18 sites that were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2002.
There is much evidence of Baroque art with its churches and 18th-century palace in Ragusa Ibla, the ancient historic center that has become a major tourist attraction in Sicily in recent years. Among hovels and narrow streets, the Cathedral of San Giorgio, an undisputed jewel of Sicilian Baroque, emerges majestically.
The Church of St. Joseph partly incorporates architectural elements of the cathedral.
The descent that leads from Ragusa Superiore to Ragusa Ibla can also be covered on foot: but keep in mind, the pedestrian path has as many as 340 steps. During the descent, you can enjoy a unique view especially at night: you will feel like you are in front of a man-sized nativity scene.
There are many churches, including Santa Maria dell’Itria and San Filippo Neri, and numerous palaces as well (Palazzo Zacco, Bertini, Nicastro, La Rocca, Battaglia, etc.). If you have time, also visit the Byzantine Walls, Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Nuovo.

What to do in Ragusa

Discover Ragusa not only for its Baroque masterpieces but also for the beaches in the Marina di Ragusa marina, nature, festivals, events and festivals, food and wine, and more.
The countryside forms a landscape designed by long walls, high cliffs alternate with long coastlines of fine sand and indescribable colors.
Don’t miss Modica, Scicli and Ispica with their architecture and stone that enhances the decorations of squares, churches and palaces.
Ragusa is also a treasure trove of nature reserves such as the Irminio River forest scrubland and the integral nature reserve Cava Randello or the Calaforno forest demesne.

Excursions to Ragusa

You can take wonderful organized excursions either by sailing on the sea or visiting gardens, theaters and nature reserves.

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