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Car Rental in Sicily

We take care of everything, your only thought should be to rest and relax while enjoying our wonderful tours designed for your relaxation.

Where to rent a car in Sicily

We take care of everything, your only thought should be to rest and relax while enjoying our wonderful tours designed for your relaxation.

Do you want to discover the beauties of Sicily? Sicily is a region that from North to South and from East to West has many destinations to discover.

From its cities such as Palermo, Messina, Catania, Syracuse etc … to its wonderful destinations such as Taormina, Stromboli, Egadi Islands, Panarea.

But how can you discover all of Sicily at its best? Simple! Through Sicily car rental. By renting a car in Sicily it will be possible to travel throughout the region without any worries, other than having a full tank every now and then!

Renting a car in Sicily: to get around to and from airports and ports

Sicily car rental is an ideal solution for getting around the region upon arrival in the city, in a port or in one of the airports present.

The main airports from which you can rent a car in Sicily are:

Vincenzo Florio Airport of Trapani-Birgi (TPS)
Vincenzo Bellini International Airport of Catania-Fontanarossa (CTA)
Falcone and Borsellino International Airport of Palermo-Punta Raisi (PMO)

The main ports from which you can rent a car in Sicily are:

  • Porto Palo di Menfi
  • Porto di Scoglitti
  • Porto di San Leone Mosè,
  • Porto Rifugio
  • Porto di Palermo
  • Porto di Licata
  • Porto di Sant’Agata Militello
  • Porto Sciacca
  • Marina di Porto Empedocle
  • Porto di Cefalù e Termini Imerese Port

By renting a car and picking it up directly at one of the city’s ports or airports, one you will be able to move easily throughout Sicily, easily reach one’s your hotel and destinations on one’s your itinerary

Car rental in Sicily: to discover its beauties

Renting a car in Sicily is the best way not only to move from the airport or port where you arrive but also to discover the main beauties of the region without any restrictions.

If you are planning a nice ride on the road by car in Sicily you can discover some of its most beautiful destinations such as:

  • Palermo: the capital of the island is one of the destinations not to be missed with its Ballarò market, the Cathedral, the royal tombs, and its gastronomy. In short, a truly wonderful city!
  • Taormina: located in the hills, the city is known for its paths, ancient theater, and beaches.
  • Mount Etna: the volcano is one of the main attractions of Sicily in both summer and winter.
  • Syracuse : founded by the Etruscans, the city allows you to discover its historic center located on the island of Ortigia.
  • Agrigento: a hill town known for its archaeological site and the ancient city of Akragas.
  • Cefalù: Sicilian city known for its Byzantine mosaics inside the Norman cathedral and the Mandralisca Museum.
  • Trapani: coastal city known for its Ligny Tower, its churches and historic center.
  • Ragusa: a beautiful city to visit for its architectural features, the Ibleo Garden, the Cathedral of San Giorgio Barocco and the Cathedral.
  • Modica: city known for its Baroque buildings, for being the birthplace of the Italian poet Salvatore Quasimodo and for its chocolate to which a museum is also dedicated.

History, beaches, sea and wonderful islands. This is much more for those who choose to discover the main itineraries of Sicily with a rental car.

The main advantages of car rental in Sicily

Renting a car is the ideal solution for those who do not like constraints, such as those imposed by already organized trips, and for those who do not want to depend on public transport.

Not only that, Sicily is a destination that is fully appreciated only if you can easily discover it, creating your own itinerary and stopping even suddenly to see a village or a town. </ p > The Sicilian coast offers you beaches and coves that can only be discovered with a rental car in Sicily!

By renting a car in Sicily you can therefore discover the most hidden beauties and not just the most famous ones of this region.

Short-term car rental in Sicily is perfect for everyone not only to freely follow their own itineraries but to be able to travel comfortably. Whether you are with your children, with friends, with your pet, etc. Traveling by car will allow you to enjoy your holiday freely, with all the comforts and services it offers.

Do you want to discover Sicily? So, don’t miss the opportunity to rent a car in Sicily for your holiday or trip.

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