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Marzamemi is one of the most characteristic villages of eastern Sicily. A fishing village,
now with a strong tourist pull that looks like a real place of relaxation
thanks to its beauty and the colors that characterize it.

What to see in Marzamemi

Walking through the narrow and characteristic streets of Marzamemi allows you to step back in time and discover a history rich in traditions and culture. One cannot help but be carried away by the unique beauty of this village, its colors and peculiar characteristics. To see in Marzamemi there can only be its main attraction: the Tonnara . Beyond the Tonnara you cannot miss a visit to the Palazzo Villadorata and the beautiful Piazza Margherita.

What to do in Marzamemi

Marzamemi is a perfect village to explore, especially reaching it by boat. During the
visit to Marzamemi, in addition to visits to the iconic places that characterize it, you cannot miss a
break to discover its flavors that suit every palate. Finally, sea lovers cannot miss a visit to some of the most beautiful beaches that characterize the village.

Excursions to Marzamemi

Marzamemi is the perfect place to go after or during a boat trip. Whether by private boat or in a group, this is the ideal destination to discover one of the most unique and iconic villages in eastern Sicily. Once Marzamemi is reached, it is possible to continue with excursions to nearby natural parks, beaches or to reach some peculiar destinations such as Isola piccola.

A vacation is not such without a visit to one of Italy’s most charming villages. This small town with a history marked by fishing and from the activity of the Tonnara is a small paradise that is characterized by the colors and stone used to build its houses. A place to discover on foot, with the right tranquillity to go to the most exciting sights in the area. Dominating the town, during the excursion to Marzamemi you cannot miss a visit to the Tonnara, which dates back to Arab times and was remodeled by the Prince of Villadorata, who was responsible for building the seaside village around it.
Today Marzamemi is an authentic and wonderful place, the soul of Sicily.

Boat excursion to Marzamemi

You can only explore Marzamemi by reaching the village by boat. An excursion by private boat or together with others to Marzamemi allows for a unique experience kissed by the sun and caressed by the sea breeze. During the boat tour, it is possible to discover all the coastal beauties ranging Syracuse to Marzamemi. All the way to the village for a tour of the peculiarities that characterize it! Getting off the boat you will see the colorful boats of the fishermen of Marzamemi and begin your own tour through the streets of the village.

Excursions and Tours near Marzamemi: exploring the beaches and the Vendicari Reserve

Nature lovers are bound to enjoy tours exploring the beaches stretching from Marzamemi to Vendicari Reserve such as: the San Lorenzo Beach, Cavettone Beach, Punta delle Formiche and Calamosche Beach. In addition to a visit to some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, you cannot miss a tour of the beautiful Vendicari Nature Reserve. This presents itself as a completely natural reserve that rises
between sandy beaches and marshy areas, here you can admire various species of birds, herons and even the first colony of Syracuse: the ruins of Eloro. Marzamemi is the focal point of some of the most beautiful stops to make on a trip to Sicily.

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