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Syracuse is undoubtedly one of the most stunning cities in Sicily, boasting breathtaking seascapes and showcasing the magnificent Sicilian Baroque style. The food is exquisite, the people are friendly, and the historical significance of the city is unparalleled.

What to see in Syracuse

To fully appreciate this marvelous destination, your journey should begin with a visit to the island of Ortigia, where you can marvel at the splendid Baroque palaces. The charming narrow streets and alleys are perfect for strolling, and as the sun sets over the sea, you can savor one of the delectable Sicilian dishes. Ortigia is the oldest part of Syracuse and the city’s historic center, boasting several must-see attractions such as the Temple of Apollo (also known as the Apollonian), the UNESCO World Heritage Site-designated Cathedral, the stunning Diana Fountain in Archimedes Square, and the impressive Palazzo Borgia, Palazzo Beneventano, and Palazzo Vermexio. Don’t forget to check out the Arethusa Fountain, which flows from a cave, and the Regional Gallery at Palazzo Bellomo.

What to do in Syracuse

There are countless things to do in Syracuse, from strolling through the streets to embarking on unforgettable excursions led by a highly specialized team to the Neapolis Archaeological Park or sailing in its stunning sea. You can savor the exquisite dishes of Sicilian cuisine, including pastries, and indulge in the legendary wines of this land that is so rich in history and flavor.

Excursions to Syracuse

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