Tandem launching

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Tandem jumping in Sicily attracts thrill-seeking tourists.
The feeling of freedom and adrenaline you get from skydiving it also depends on the panorama offered. The island can offer breathtaking views.

Before launching together with the tandem pilot and a video operator, the instructor will explain to you how you will have to behave in free fall to enjoy this experience to the fullest.
Are you ready? Tandem jump at the speed of 200 km/h The tandem jump with tandem parachute from the plane allows you to experience the thrill of free fall firsthand without risk.

By launching yourself in flight from 4300 meters high you will remain firmly anchored to an instructor. The parachute will open and you will operate it with the help of a pilot for 4 minutes until, with a soft landing, you will touch the ground softly.
You will fly free and safe at a speed of 200 km/h. In just one minute, during the scenic flight, you can experience the kind of adrenaline that you hardly experience in years.

Can everyone launch in tandem?

To begin with, you don’t need any course to have such an experience.
Once you arrive at the skydiving center, your instructor will show you the equipment and help you put it on. He will also explain what position you will have to maintain during the free fall. The guided landing is simple, it requires a couple of tests on the ground.
Regardless of your preparation, it will be up to the instructor to take care of the flight attitude. So, don’t worry, concentrate only on your emotions and on having fun.
The tandem jump is an experience granted to anyone aged 16 or over (with parental consent). Anyone over the age of 18 can decide independently whether or not to experience this incredible adventure.

Reliving great emotions in a video

The experience on an emotional level is subjective but you do not feel the sensation of emptiness.
As soon as you get off the plane you will be leaning on an air cushion which will produce a slight pressure on the body for the entire duration of the fall free. From an initial acceleration, the speed will remain constant.
An unforgettable experience for you. A unique gift that you can give to relatives and friends.
When you watch your video, you will surely be eager to try the experience again.

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