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Minivan Tour from Syracuse to Ragusa, Noto and Modica

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Minivan Tour from Syracuse to Ragusa, Noto and Modica

A minivan tour from Syracuse to Ragusa, Noto and Modica provides a unique experience that includes a visit to some of the most characteristic and splendid Baroque monuments.

From Ragusa where you can discover its unique historical centre, to Noto the famous Baroque city, to Modica where you can discover not only its characteristic monuments but also the delicious workshops that prepare handmade chocolate.

Let’s discover together the Minivan tour from Syracuse, Ragusa, Noto and Modica and their main attractions.


Ragusa and Ibla

Arriving in Ragusa, after departing by minivan from Syracuse, you can visit the historic city centre and discover one of the most fascinating towns in the Val di Noto, built into the rock and so characteristic that it looks like a real living nativity scene throughout the year.

In Ragusa’s Ibla district, it is possible to go on a discovery tour of the town’s oldest quarter, which is home to no less than 14 UNESCO World Heritage monuments.

The area of Ragusa leads its visitors to the discovery of some wonderful attractions such as the Cathedral of San Giovanni built between 1706 and 1760, with a huge square and a typical staircase. The Baroque palaces in the centre of Ragusa, on the other hand, feature unique beams, lintels, balconies and representations.

Among the UNESCO World Heritage monuments in Ragusa that you must see on your minivan tour departing from Syracuse are: Cathedral of St John the Baptist, the Floridia Palace, the Bishop’s Palace and the Zacco Palace..


Minivan tour from Syracuse: from Ragusa to Modica

The second stop after setting off on the minivan tour from Syracuse takes you to discover another pearl of Sicily, namely Modica. Modica is a town nestled between the marvellous Hyblean rocks.

The town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002 and is built on several levels and divided into districts with different souls that are part of a unique nucleus leading to the discovery of the Baroque of the Val di Noto.

The town unfolds from the rocky hills surrounding it towards a concave valley, built 17 bridges to connect various parts of the city. The structure of Modica and its historic centre is late Medieval, but it is the late Baroque that dominates the main architecture of the historic buildings and churches, most of which underwent reconstruction after 1693.


Discovering Noto

Finally, the minivan tour from Syracuse takes you to discover Ragusa, Modica and of course: Noto. One of the most famous cities in eastern Sicily is certainly Noto, also known as the capital of Sicilian Baroque.

Visiting Noto allows one to be enchanted at any time of the year from the summer to the winter months.

Noto is an architectural jewel that synthesises some of the main elements that characterise south-eastern Sicilian Baroque.

Among what to see in Noto in a day are: Porta Reale scenographic 19th-century arch; Church of Santa Chiara a Baroque masterpiece of high quality; Noto Cathedral, built from 1693, with a sumptuous limestone façade; Palazzo Ducezio, seat of Noto’s town hall; Church of San Francesco dell’Immacolata; and the sumptuous Palazzo Nicolaci expressing power and wealth, one of the most remarkable examples of Baroque art.

By choosing to take a minivan tour from Syracuse, to Ragusa, Modica, and Noto you will discover the most beautiful monuments, magnificent towns, and their peculiar characteristics that distinguish Eastern Sicily, invested by beautiful palaces, architectures of the unique Sicilian Baroque.

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The photographs within this hike/article, were not taken during one of our tours, but are used for informational purposes only