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Organize your wedding in Sicily 

Sicily is my passion and my one love

Organize your wedding in Sicily

This land really has so much to offer and for this reason more and more people want to organize their wedding in Sicily!

What could be more beautiful than going to discover a wonderful land, rich in flavors, traditions, customs, and a bright sun that clashes with the blue of the sea?

Organizing your wedding in Sicily is an opportunity to consider especially asking for the support of professionals by your side.

In fact, organizing a ceremony in Sicily is not so simple, we are still talking about the largest region in all of Italy and an area that over the centuries has seen a continuous succession of dominations one after the other with so many destinations to choose from for the wedding ceremony.

Getting married in Sicily means having the choice of wonderful scenery offered by nature, seascapes, architecture, green hills, volcanic area, mountainous places but also local places with  rustic flavor.


Plan your wedding in Sicily and choose the most beautiful destinations

Organizing the wedding in Sicily means for many to realize the dream of crowning the union with either the blue sea behind them or a Greek temple, or even on an island surrounded by the beach and greenery.

Marriage in Sicily for others means choosing to marry in a place where one’s roots or family are, even if one resides elsewhere during the rest of the year.

But how can you best organize a Sicilian wedding? To organize the ceremony , choose the location, the place to stay, any experiences to live together with your guests, it is good to have concrete support from industry experts.

You can choose the location between different locations from the sea to the mountains, from the city to historical and archaeological sites. Why not, you can also choose to follow one of the latest trends and get married on the beach with the sea water calmly touching your feet.

Or by boat! Over the last few years, marriage on a yacht or on a sailing boat or on a cruise ship has become increasingly popular.

What are the most beautiful destinations to choose from? Sicily has so many attractions that it is very difficult to choose a destination in which to organize your wedding.

For example, if you want to get married by the sea or by boat, you can also choose the Egadi Islands and the Aeolian Islands as final destinations. Both perfect destinations to organize a wedding outside the box.

Another solution is to be able to get married in the enchanting scenery offered by the beautiful Taormina. If, on the other hand, you want to be conquered by history then you must absolutely choose the scenario of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

Those who prefer historical and romantic atmospheres can choose the beautiful Syracuse or organize the ceremony in the Cathedral of Syracuse, one of the most beautiful and imposing in which it is possible to get married with the scenery of the historic center of the Island of Ortigia.

Among the many experiences that you can do, you cannot miss that of getting married near Etna or even better in a chalet on this volcano. In this way it will be possible to observe a landscape unique to your own shoulders while getting married surrounded by nature.


The organization of the wedding menu and banquet

Sicily is not only a wonderful place it is also the best place to hold a wedding where the table and food and wine products also have the right value.

The reception can be held in seaside restaurants, farmhouses, hotels, wedding halls, villas, outdoor spaces with the organization of catering.

But how to organize the perfect wedding? One idea could be to create a unique Sicilian style. The Sicily-themed mise en place can be organized through the use of color and shapes. You can use services made with Caltagirone ceramics that can be used for both plates and mats.

All these services can be created with a Sicily theme. Then there are the decorations such as ceramic vases, Moor’s heads, prickly pear shovels, lemons, orange flowers and everything that can bring Sicily into your wedding.

Finally, there can only be a great deal of attention to the menu that is being prepared. The menu must be created by Sicilian chefs, following their advice, thus managing to include both land and sea dishes among the various dishes.

There must also be truly unique and inevitable dishes that are part of the Sicilian tradition such as: caponata, cheeses, parmigiana, Sicilian salami, fried fish, marinated anchovies and fried like arancini.

To conclude the wedding for the better, there will be a delicious banquet with sweets such as cassate, zeppole, cannoli, mostaccioli.


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