Excursion Etna – Taormina (full day)

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Excursion Etna – Taormina (full day)

Are you looking for useful information on how to participate in an excursion to Mount Etna and want to visit the beautiful and luxurious Taormina? Well, then if you happened upon just the right guide.

Etna excursion: discovering the “good giant” of Europe

Etna (also called Mongibello) is the highest active volcano in Europe, which extends over 3300 meters in height with a basal diameter of about 40 km, rising on the eastern side of Sicily.
It is classified as a volcano ” a shield” as it is generated by fluid lava flows which, when cooled, give the visual impression of a shield.
Etna excursion: the landscape, fauna and flora
By visiting its territory it is possible to admire different morphological aspects a depending on the altitude.
Up to 1000 meters on the eastern and southern slopes it is cultivated and urbanized, while on the western slope it is more bare and the perfume coming from the broom bushes dominates. On the northern side there are dense woods of chestnut and oak trees.
As regards the fauna: if a century ago wolves, fallow deer and roe deer lived here, today they are practically extinct.
For those who make an excursion to Etna, it admire and meet small animals such as porcupines, marmots, dormice and weasels that live together with birds of prey, peregrine falcons, kestrels, golden eagles, barn owls, comene owls, owls and others .

Etna excursion: caves and gorges

Due to the continuous activity of the volcano that releases lava, the landscape surrounding Etna is varied and picturesque.
Thanks to this orogenic activity on Etna the “lava flow caves” have formed over time, which, cooling faster on the outside, in the inner part, remain almost “empty” as the lava continues to move.
The most famous is the Grotta del gelo, a unique and deep canyon with perennial ice.
Another breathtaking location to visit are the Alcantara Gorges, formed by the erosion of the icy waters of the river from which they take their name.
In 2013, the volcano was included by UNESCO in the list of constituent assets the World Heritage Site.

Excursion to discover Taormina

Because of its almost strategic location, it is possible to continue the tour by making an excursion to Taormina.
In this “little gem” it is possible to admire: the Greek Theater, the municipal villa, the Corvaja Palace, the Cathedral, the Palace of Santo Stefano and Isola Bella.

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