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Trekking in the Reserve of Pantalica

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Pantalica Reserve

Discover one of the most enchanting archaeological sites ever seen: Pantalica. Commonly referred to as the rock necropolis of Pantalica, this guide will provide insight on what to see during a specially organized tour.

The Necropolis of Pantalica

We find ourselves in the province of Syracuse, on the beautiful island of Sicily, between the towns of Ferla and Sortino.

Here, we can witness one of the most stunning and extraordinary archaeological sites dating back to the late Bronze Age, specifically towards the first half of the 13th century BC.

Located in the Anapo Valley, carved out over time by the Cava Grande stream and suspended in the rocks, we can observe more than 5,000 tombs, which make up the complex of the Pantalica Necropolis, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. The archaeological site can be reached from the internal road that descends from the Iblei Mountains towards the Gulf of Syracuse, and includes five large necropolises with characteristic “artificial cave” tombs.

How to reach Pantalica?

The tour of Pantalica is undoubtedly an exciting experience, particularly because to reach the “artificial” necropolis, you must traverse a series of trails that begin in Ferla or Sortino. These paths can be quite challenging in certain sections.

In fact, you even have two choices

The first is to take the path which, from the village of Ferla, leads directly and with little effort to Pantalica;
the second, the more exciting and wild one, starts from Sortino and requires a little longer, which is worth undertaking even just to visit the monument called “Palazzo del Principe.
How to equip yourself to go to Pantalica
There is no public transport to reach this destination, therefore to reach it you need to equip yourself with your own means or take part in some guided tour.

From Pantalica you also need good legs, comfortable clothing, trekking shoes and even basic necessities (food and water) because the area is not equipped with refreshment points.

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The photographs within this hike/article, were not taken during one of our hikes, but are used for informational purposes only