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Calessino Tour in Syracuse

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Tuk Tuk Tour in Syracuse

There are many experiences you can do in Syracuse to discover the city and the wonderful island of Ortigia, among these there is definitely the Tuk Tuk Tour in Syracuse.

This is an exclusive tour that allows you to discover the city to the fullest and discover the most beautiful points and attractions of Syracuse. There are so many itineraries and you can follow various routes observing and listening to the history that characterizes this town.

But how does the Syracuse Tuk Tuk work? Let’s find out together!


Tuk Tuk Syracuse: an experience not to be missed

You can book the Syracuse Tuk Tuk as a couple or with your friends, or as a family and allows you to discover the city and the island of Ortigia aboard an Ape Calessino.

The Ape Calessino can carry a maximum of four people and offers the possibility to choose between different types of itineraries to discover the main points of interest of the city and the island. This service can also be requested for short trips.

Sure there are many ways to visit the city, but why not do it aboard an Ape Calessino? This is definitely the best solution to have a unique experience, to travel comfortably and at the same time have the opportunity to have fun with your family or friends.

The tour lasts about 2 hours on average , depending on the itinerary you choose to do. But what are the main attractions that can be admired and discovered during the trip to Syracuse? Let’s find out together!


The main points of interest to see in Syracuse aboard the Ape Calessino

There are many unmissable attractions to see in Syracuse and on its Ortigia Island. Syracuse is located in the south of Sicily and has a very long history. In fact, this city has almost 2800 years of life and for this reason it is full of historical attractions. Over the course of nearly three millennia, the city has been enriched by all those who have dominated it over the centuries.

Greek theaters, Roman ruins, mysterious caves, Norman castles, Byzantine and Gothic churches, modern and avant-garde buildings all mixed in an excellent balance between the past and the present of the city that coexist with each other and that make Syracuse a fascinating city.

Syracuse is a wonderful city with points of interest that follow one after the other. You can comfortably go aboard the Ape Calessino during the Tuk Tuk Tour of Syracuse and thus discover the main attractions from the important architecture of the historic center to Greek times.


Discovering Syracuse Cathedral and its square

The Cathedral of Syracuse is certainly one of the main attractions of the city. You can observe its beauty from the edge of the gig and immediately see the peculiarities that characterize it and its peculiar architecture. < / p>

Looking from the side it is possible to admire the sprouting of the immense Greek columns that are part of the Temple of Athena built in 480 BC that wanted to celebrate the victory of Syracuse over Carthage. And that have been incorporated by the external walls of the Cathedral.

In addition to visiting the Cathedral of Syracuse it is also possible to discover other peculiar architectural structures in the square such as:

  • The Palazzo del Senato seat of the Municipality also known as Palazzo Vermexio
  • The Archbishop’s Palace seat of the Curia and the ancient Library
  • The Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia in honor of the patron saint of Syracuse
  • Palazzo Beneventano a private residence that presents itself as one of the most beautiful and elegant Baroque palaces in Syracuse
  • Palazzo Borgia del Casale built by a descendant of the powerful Borgia family.

Visit to the Puppet Theater

Another attraction not to be missed is to visit the puppet theater. The epic events of Charlemagne, Rolando and his paladins are at the very center of the Opera dei Pupi which has been a Sicilian tradition for centuries. Syracuse has its puppet theater near the Duomo and offers a wonderful overview of a tradition to be discovered.


The Temple of Apollo

With the Tuk Tuk in Syracuse you can go to the discovery of the oldest Doric temple in the whole city and it has been transformed over the centuries this was a Byzantine church, an Arab mosque and even a Norman church. Passing in front of the temple of Apollo you can still admire the original structure and then continue the tour with the Tuk Tuk in Syracuse to discover the city.


Diana Fountain in Archimedes Square

Among the many attractions that you can discover during a city tour, there is certainly the Diana Fountain in Piazza Archimede. This fountain dates back to the beginning of the century and is a true triumph of mythological figures and jets of water that make the Diana Fountain in Piazza Archimede a real gem not to be missed.

These are just some of the attractions you can discover with the Tuk Tuk in Syracuse!


The photographs within this hike/article, were not taken during one of our tours, but are used for informational purposes only