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Experience luxury as you explore the most breathtaking areas of Sicily with daily yacht tours along the coast. Visit both well-known and hidden destinations that every traveler dreams of seeing.

Daily yacht tours in Sicily depart from major ports such as Syracuse, Taormina, Palermo, and more. Choose your departure port and embark on a different tour each day. Discover the Egadi Islands or the Aeolian Islands.

Starting from Syracuse allows you to experience the breathtaking beauty of caves carved by the tides over thousands of years.

Syracuse Yacht Tour: A Guide to Discovering the Beauty of Sicily


Embark on an unforgettable journey with a yacht tour from Syracuse. Explore the stunning beauty of this area and its hidden treasures, starting with a breathtaking view of the island of Ortigia and its rich history and natural wonders.

Take a yacht trip along the coasts of Ortigia and visit the stunning caves near Syracuse, where you can admire the crystal-clear blue waters and even go snorkeling.


  • The cave of corals: the cave of sea corals or flowers is famous for the many seaweeds on the water that have a shape reminiscent of flowers and bright colors that give the unique water shades.
  • The Ear of Dionysus cave of the Sea: this cave can be reached by yacht and allows you to discover a peculiar place as the shape recalls the ear of Dionysus placed inside the archaeological area of ​​the Greek Theater.
  • Heart cave or love cave: known for its heart shape and for being the best place to discover the unique and romantic beauty of this wonderful island.


Yacht tour to Marzamemi

Don’t miss out on a yacht tour to Marzamemi, where you can witness the natural beauty of the Vendicari Nature Reserve and the island of Capo Passero, surrounded by crystal-clear waters. Depending on your preference, you can choose to get off the yacht and visit these destinations or simply sit back and enjoy the view while having a delicious meal prepared by the chef.

A yacht excursion to this destination allows you to discover the Ionian coast of Sicily by reaching a magnificent natural reserve like that of the Vendicari.

The view from the yacht will also allow you to see the island of Capo Passero surrounded by crystal clear blue waters. The island is also an ideal place to disembark to discover the wonders reserved for Capo Passero.

Depending on the type of yacht tour, you can choose whether to consider getting off and visiting both the Vendicari Nature Reserve and the island of Capo Passero.

Or you can choose to observe the coasts from the edge of the yacht while having lunch or dinner with a tasty menu that can be prepared by the chef (if present).


Yacht tours on the coast of Taormina

The yacht tour on the coast of Taormina allows you to go to the discovery of the eastern area of ​​Sicily that goes towards the Ionian side.

Climbed on board alone , as a couple or with your group of friends or family you can start a journey towards its crystalline sea, see the beach that gradually recedes and reach its famous bays, gulfs and caves.

Some caves are embellished with corals that are embedded inside the rock walls and give them a peculiar, almost dreamlike appearance.

Specifically, among the most beautiful caves to see there are: Grotta degli Innamorati in the gulf of Giardini Naxos; Coral cave; Blue Grotto and Coral Grotto.


How to organize a yacht excursion

A yacht excursion is easy to organize! First of all, you have to choose among the available excursions based on proximity to the port of departure. You can choose yacht excursions starting from Syracuse, Palermo, Taormina, Porto Balata etc … 


The advice is to always book the tour well in advance and to be able to find a place if you are organizing a group trip. Not only that, you have to decide whether to travel alone or with other people.


If you are traveling alone, it is best to book well in advance to also be able to request on-board personnel such as barman, stewart, hostess and cooks to have lunch or dinner on board and of course you must have a captain who take care of the management of the yacht in the areas to visit.

The duration of the trip during a yacht excursion includes a trip that can last half a day or that can also last all day until evening.

If you love wonderful and unique experiences, don’t miss the opportunity to take a trip by choosing a yacht tour on the western or eastern side of Sicily , letting yourself be enchanted by its history.






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